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Have you ever wondered why wigs are so popular today? Surely it is convenience, easy to use, less than 5 minutes you have transformed your appearance and charisma with the right beautiful hairstyle. You’ve got the answer to what wigs are made of, and continue with LUXY to discover the most popular wig models today.

Personality braids
Many times you want to change your style with a dynamic and personal appearance. Why not try once with this cool hairstyle? Of course, you do not need to “sacrifice” long feminine hair. Just 5 minutes and a wig you have an extremely impressive look.


With 100% real hair material, soft, natural hairs will be hard to detect the truth behind your beautiful hair. It’s easy to own your favorite hair. Just with the support of a real hair wig, everything becomes a lot easier.

Real hair bangs
The bangs are an effective tool to help you hide your flaws and enhance the harmonious contours of your face. You like to change and always renew yourself, the fake bangs never let you down. Real hair fake bangs are very diverse and always update according to trends such as: sparse bangs, long bangs, stupid bangs, .. No need to cut or style, you already have the right bangs.


Note the selection of bangs that are suitable for the face: if you own a round face, you should choose a bang to help the face look longer and more balanced such as diagonal bangs, long bangs or two bangs; With a long face, flat bangs and sparse bangs will be more suitable, …

Youthful shoulder length short hairstyle

Don’t have to worry about what the wig is made of, choose a wig made from real hair to confidently shine without worry. Shoulder-length hair is a smart choice for girls who like a healthy and active beauty but are not ready to cut their hair.


Not too prominent personality like wavy waves, not as glamorous as long hair with big curls. The slightly curled shoulder-length hair always brings a gentle, feminine beauty that attracts all eyes. This hairstyle is suitable for the face to help you overcome the defects effectively.


Long curly real hair wig
Gone are the days of stiff straight hair, but instead, gently curled hair, creating a natural, soft feel. Long curly real hair wigs are always loved by ladies because they are suitable for all faces, helping to conceal flaws. Especially with round or angular faces. It is a hairstyle that has appeared for a long time, but until now it is still enthusiastically promoted whether it is summer or winter.


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